Every legal issue, whether small or large, is a new challenge to be surmounted together

SLS Avvocati aims to deliver quality and expertise, representing, in its areas of expertise, a point of reference for clients and an excellent alternative to international law firms.

Having acquired consolidated experience with leading multinational companies, SLS Avvocati guarantees the very highest level of legal assistance, which is tailored to the specific characteristics of the issue in question.

Our organization is lean and flexible. This facilitates the exchange of information between our professionals and enables celerity in our response and action. We use work groups that operate in synergy, sharing their skills, and are always led by an attorney who is specialised in the field and is directly involved in each stage of the activity.

Experience, reliability, rapidity in response, sense of responsibility and client focus. These are our missions, every single day.


We believe in transparency in every interaction and every exchange of information between our professionals and clients from the moment of appointment. This is why we always keep our clients up to date on progress and we request any information that could prove useful in order to perform our work correctly.


We believe that team spirit is essential in each work group in order for it to work better and to share expertise, experience and professionalism which are all made available to our clients.


We believe in the value of expertise built on study, continuous professional development and knowledge of our clients’ business. This is because each client is different and requires the more efficient solution not just from a legal perspective but also in terms of cost.


We believe that correctly interpreting our clients’ needs also means providing useful responses within a reasonable timeframe that is consistent with their needs.


We believe in respect and integrity in our personal and professional relationships within the Law Firm and with clients.


We strongly believe that a relationship built on mutual trust between the client and the professional is fundamental and it allows us to protect our client’s interests while ensuring discretion and confidentiality.

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