Trusts and wealth protection

SLS Avvocati has acquired solid expertise not just in the structuring of family trusts and the creation of funds, but also in identifying legal structures for protecting family assets in complex company transitions from one generation to another.

We also assist trustees, trust companies and financial institutions during wealth and inheritance disputes concerning family estates, identifying the most appropriate legal instruments for avoiding or resolving such disputes. We provide consultancy and assistance in the drafting of the deed setting up all kinds of trust. We are also able to set up guarantee trusts, sole purpose trusts, family trusts, including: inheritance trusts and trusts for estate distribution, trusts to manage property, trusts for separation and divorce, trusts for co-habiting partners, trusts for protecting minors and vulnerable people and trusts for the transition of wealth or companies from one generation to another.

Moreover, thanks to the skills acquired in family law, SLS Avvocati protects the interests of its clients in matrimonial property agreements (separation of assets, community property agreements) and through the setting up and dissolving of family trusts.

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