White collar crimes

The law firm has developed significant experience in white collar crimes, providing preemptive advice to companies, entrepreneurs and professionals wishing to undertake specific corporate, economic and financial operations, as well as litigation assistance in the event criminal proceedings are brought.

SLS Avvocati assists and defends its clients in the areas of corporate and bankruptcy crimes, property crimes, financial crimes, counterfeiting and protection of industrial and intellectual property under criminal law, environmental and urban planning crimes, accidents and protection of safety in the workplace, crimes against public administrations such as embezzlement, corruption and extortion, and administrative offences committed by entities pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001.

The firm has specific expertise in insurance and long-term leas and it is able to assist leading insurance companies in preventing and combating fraud in this area.
SLS Avvocati has experience in checking the anti-fraud procedures of insurance companies, analysing claims databases with the aim of identifying possible fraudulent behaviour and investigating recurrences in electronic databases. Investigation activities and examination of the elements collected, also with the assistance of trusted consultants (experts and forensic doctors), enable useful evidence to be identified and thus drive forward the subsequent criminal proceedings in full compliance with the parameters imposed by the supervisory body (IVASS).

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