Long-term rental and leasing

SLS Avvocati assists multinationals and financial institutions that are leaders in the long-term rental and leasing sectors. We know these clients’ needs, the processes and dynamics and this enables us to offer a targeted service which can be adapted to each specific need.

We have built up a team that is highly skilled and possesses multi-disciplinary experience which is constantly updated with training and workshop. Therefore, we can cover every single angle of the service, giving prompt replies, maximising performance by providing innovative solutions and advanced processes.

Our carefully selected relations with other national and international law firms allow us to operate in a variety of areas, thanks to the integration of a broad range of skills, and to guarantee an extremely high level of service, including in disputes.

Our twenty years of experience acquired with major multinationals that are leaders in the European market and excel in the long-term rental services have made us a point of reference among the law firms that deal with credit management.

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