Employment agencies

The recent changes in employment law and interventions by the Legislator have resulted in a set of complex regulations which are confusing. This means SLS Avvocati has had to develop specific skills in the sector of employment agencies.

We provide legal assistance to a leading multi-national group in the European market and leader in the subcontracting of temporary workers. Our professionals’ high level of preparation allows us to offer immediate and skilled solutions in preparing the appropriate contract solutions for each of our clients’ needs and in managing credit recovery, making us a point of reference among the law firms specialised in this area.

Dispute management for companies and multi-nationals is carried out by the employment law department, which is able to protect our clients’ interests with regard to:

  • corporate restructuring
  • collective and individual redundancies
  • trade union law
  • disciplinary procedures
  • accidents and injury
  • work safety.

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