Individuals and families

SLS Avvocati has always placed its skills at the disposal of individuals and families in order to ensure the resolution, whether judicial or not, of any dispute that may arise in daily life.

Our aim is not just to prevent possible legal issues by a careful analysis of the risks and critical aspects associated with each specific dispute, but also to manage and resolve problems that have already arisen, through an effective defence of our client’s interests.

We provide assistance and consulting services in many areas, including:

  • assisted negotiation
  • changes to separation and divorce conditions
  • matrimonial agreements (separation of assets, community property)
  • dissolution of community property and division of assets between spouses
  • de facto unions and cohabiting agreements, crisis between cohabiting partners, child custody and maintenance
  • custody and maintenance of minors born outside of marriage
  • protection of people wholly or partially lacking autonomy (minors, elderly people, disabled people), legal guardianship, incapacitation, interdiction, applications to the guardianship judge
  • right to maintenance and subsistence as the right of every individual without means of support
  • funds
  • family trust
  • transition of wealth or companies from one generation to another
  • inheritance rights and shares due to spouses, children, relatives and third parties
  • acceptance of inheritances, with or without benefit of inventory
  • execution of will provisions
  • division of assets among heirs
  • contesting wills
  • donations
  • civil liability and compensation for damages including from medical liability
  • tax law (receipt of tax assessment notices or requests for additional information from the Revenue Agency)
  • community property and participation in condominium associations
  • contract law
  • credit recovery.

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