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SLS Avvocati works mainly for small and medium enterprises, managing their legal, judicial and non-judicial issues in numerous areas: consultancy, contract law, corporate matters, litigation [...]


We work side by side with highly qualified banking operators to manage a great number of bad debts in order to find pioneering economic solutions to relieve balance sheets, taking part in the [...]


SLS Avvocati has worked in real estate for twenty years and has a loyal client base thanks to its great experience, professionalism and knowledge of the subject. Our clients are construction and [...]


The recent changes in employment law and interventions by the Legislator have resulted in a set of complex regulations which are confusing. This means SLS Avvocati has had to develop specific [...]


SLS Avvocati assists multinationals and financial institutions that are leaders in the long-term rental and leasing sectors. We know these clients' needs, the processes and dynamics and [...]


Owing to globalisation, in recent years the automotive industry and companies operating in this sector have experienced considerable change in terms of aggregation and services [...]


SLS Avvocati supports its clients by providing comprehensive legal assistance to Italian companies operating in the food and wine producing sector. It manages all the legal issues associated [...]


SLS Avvocati has always placed its skills at the disposal of individuals and families in order to ensure the resolution, whether judicial or not, of any dispute that may arise in daily life [...]

Areas of expertise

Commercial and contract law

SLS Avvocati provides consultancy and non-judicial assistance on commercial and corporate matters. The expertise of the law firm's professionals covers all aspects associated with the drafting and negotiation [...]

Company law

SLS Avvocati places its expertise nd the experience it has acquired over many years of collaboration with companies and multinationals operating in Italian and European markets at the disposal of its clients [...]

Corporate crisis and restructuring

SLS Avvocati possesses sound skills in resolving all issues associated with corporate crisis, insolvency and winding up. The experience garnered in the sector enables the professionals to assist and protect not just [...]

Intellectual property and competition

SLS Avvocati uses the experience it has acquired over the years to assist Italian and foreign entrepreneurs in protecting and exploiting their intellectual and industrial property rights. From copyright to [...]


The services provided by SLS Avvocati on privacy and information technology include all aspects related to personal data protection, from the preparation of contracts on data security to the drafting of opinions [...]

Property law

The property law department of SLS Avvocati gathers all the skills needed to follow every single detail of a property transaction. As experts in drafting and negotiating contracts, company law, construction [...]

Insurance and banking law

In SLS Avvocati we work with a number of insurance companies belonging to EU member states, including Italian, Irish, French, Belgian, Spanish and Dutch insurance companies for all aspects of insurance. Our [...]

Employment law

Our consulting services provided to various types of clients, including large and medium Italian and foreign companies as well as growing companies, have enabled SLS Avvocati to develop the ability to provide [...]

Trusts and wealth protection

SLS Avvocati has acquired solid expertise not just in the structuring of family trusts and the creation of funds, but also in identifying legal structures for protecting family assets in complex company [...]

Food law

SLS Avvocati provides consultancy to companies operating in the agriculture and food sector at various levels of the production and distribution chain. The food law department helps clients during the filing [...]

Litigation and arbitration

SLS Avvocati assists clients from the pre-litigation stage not just by suggesting the best ways to achieve an amicable solution to the dispute, but also providing them with all the tools needed to make informed [...]


SLS Avvocati provides tax assistance and advice to its clients in different areas of tax law using an approach that always takes into account the specific needs of the sectors in which clients operate [...]

Pharmaceutical law

SLS Avvocati provides legal assistance and advice in Italy to pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical [...]



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