Professionals specialised in their fields of expertise in order to provide targeted services

Founded in 1994 by Natale Maria Sala, attorney-at-law, SLS Avvocati is an independent law firm with offices in Milan and Monza.

SLS Avvocati consists of a team of professionals with solid experience and expertise in various legal fields. SLS Avvocati takes a multidisciplinary approach and is characterised by the prompt response and assistance it delivers.

SLS Avvocati provides judicial, extra-judicial and advisory services to small and medium enterprises (SMEs), national and multinational companies and to individuals for matters concerning inheritances and wills, family, real estate property, rentals, condominiums, consumer rights, privacy and online reputation (right to be forgotten).

Our focus on clients' needs is reflected especially in providing preventive advice to avoid future problems and legal disputes from arising.

This is all within a dynamic and efficient structure, which makes use of skilled professionals who are up-to-date on developments in their fields, used to working in teams and cooperating with the client in order to better understand each specific need so that the most appropriate solution can be provided.

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