Corporate crisis and restructuring

SLS Avvocati possesses sound skills in resolving all issues associated with corporate crisis, insolvency and winding up.

The experience garnered in the sector enables the professionals to assist and protect not just clients that are creditors (filing claims in a bankruptcy, opposition to the list of creditors, filing claims in an arrangement with creditors procedure, extraordinary administration, etc.) but also debtor companies and enterprises.

SLS Avvocati is able to perform the following activities for its clients:

  • company crisis management
  • corporate restructuring operations (arrangement with creditors, debt restructuring, etc.)
  • preparation of turnaround plans
  • assignment of credit
  • finance raising
  • reorganisation of corporate structure
  • winding up
  • preparation of non-judicial arrangements with creditors

In company crisis and restructuring our primary aim is to protect our client’s interests at the most crucial moment of the company’s life.

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